LEARN Underwater Filming 


Selection criteria for underwater imaging equipment

Most of the film, drama and advertisement underwater photography is done in indoor/outdoor underwater photography studios, and uses remote control camera housing equipment with professional focus flow operable.


The marine documentary underwater photography runs underwater photography at open locations such as oceans, rivers and lakes, and uses manual control camera housing equipment.

Underwater filming equipment


Remote Camera Housing

  • Underwater filming equipment optimized for indoor/outdoor underwater filming studio

  • Hollywood has been operating for a long time

  • Focus. Iris. Zoom Wired remote control shot

  • Professional focus flow operation to resolve focus inaccuracies

  • Free underwater movement by underwater director of photography

  • Filming speed faster than manual control housing equipment

  • Simultaneous use of A Cam/B Cam Remote Camera Housing


A/B Underwater Camera Housing System

  • A lot of underwater photography is possible in a limited time

  • Actors spend less time in the water

  • The two-day underwater shoot is available for one day



Manual Camera Housing

  • Best equipment for underwater filming of marine documentaries

  • Filming director's skill is important because underwater filming director must directly operate Focus, Iris, and Zoom.

  • Optimized for underwater filming such as oceans, rivers and lakes


SPLASH Housing

  • Underwater camera housing made of soft material

  • Equipment suitable for filming that requires strong bad weather or waterproofing

  • Half surface can be filmed by injecting air into the inside of the splash housing

  • Underwater filming cannot be performed


POSEIDON S-13 (Variable Weight Moving Crane)

  • Crane equipment that holds balance by moving the balance weight system of the crane back and forth when the underwater camera housing changes weight on land and in the underwater space.


NEPTUNE HEAD (Waterproof 2Axis Remote Head)

  • Waterproof remote head that enables remote camera housing equipment to Pan Tilt at land and underwater



POSEIDON S-13 Crane Underwater Filming System

  • Ground filming and underwater filming are carried out same time

  • Underwater filming to the depth of 4 meters

  • Underwater filming as long as crane boom length

  • Underwater filming of various movements using track Dolly

  • The speed of underwater filming is very fast.