SEAFLEXFILM Introduction


SEAFLEX is a film, drama, advertising, documentary underwater filming service company.


The SEAFLEX underwater filming system is divided into remote camera housing equipment, underwater LED lighting equipment, underwater photography support equipment AQUA REMOTE HEAD and variable weight type crane equipment.

All equipment are manufactured by SEAFLEX's technology.


Underwater remote camera housings support a number of cinema cameras that are included ARRI ALEXA65, ALEXALF, ALEXASXT, ALEXA MINI, AMIRA, RED HELIUM, MONSTER, SONY VENICE, F55, CANON C500, C300MARK II and PHANTOM FLEX 4K digital 35mm camera equipment.

All remote camera housing units can support 3ch (Focus, Iris, Zoom) remote control system by wire cable.


Underwater lighting is based on safety, and was made by LED light which is an environmentally friendly light source. It is D600w LED FLO equipment developed in 2017 that its specification is 78,000 Lumen and supplies DC power .


Variable weight 13m crane equipment combines Waterproof 2Axis Remote Head with remote camera housing. It is an underwater crane equipment that responds to changes the buoyancy when underwater filming in land filming.


SEAFLEX is always makes an effort to service the world's best underwater photography and to become underwater filming equipment manufacturer.


SEAFLEX is creating a new Underwater Workflow system to make underwater filming easily.


SEAFLEX will do its best to become a company that enables filmmakers and directors to create imaginative underwater imagery that they want to produce.



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