SEAFLEX manufactures its own camera housing equipment, underwater lighting equipment, waterproof remote control heads, and variable weight crane equipment for underwater photography and provides underwater photography services.

The remote control camera housing is available with ARRI, RED, SONY, PANAVISION, CANON, PHANTOM cameras. The underwater lighting system is based on high-capacity LED lighting equipment. The two-axis waterproof remote head and variable weight crane equipment are both available for general filming and Underwater filming.

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SEAFLEX main business is Film, Drama, Commercial, Music video and documentary underwater filming.

SEAFLEX has a professional operator and offers rental services for underwater camera housing equipment, underwater lighting equipment, special underwater imaging equipment, and underwater photography aids at affordable prices.


SEAFLEX has been responsible for more than 100 films, dramas, commercials, music videos and documentaries underwater filming.

We're still doing underwater photography at many underwater filming sites.



Underwater photography is largely divided into three parts.

Half surface Underwater Filming - underwater filming is available using the Splash Housing and Variable weight Crain equipment.

Underwater Filming - If underwater photography is carried out in an indoor swimming pool or an underwater shooting studio, the remote control camera housing equipment is used as a basic method and A. B cam operation is possible depending on underwater filming situations.

Deep Underwater Filming - The underwater camera housing equipment used for underwater photography at depths of 20 to 30 meters or more uses manual control camera housing equipment.


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